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Beautiful Makeup Tutorial Compilation ♥ 2020 ♥ 45 AMAZING MAKEUP HACKS YOU SHOULD KNOW 🍫 MAKEUP AND HAIR TRANSFORMATION ❤️ FUNNY DIY MAKE UP HACKS AND TIPS Wedding Makeup and Hair Tutorial 2020

#1 ON TRENDING Doing Addison Rae's Makeup! 2020
Nice picture Makeup Change to Beautiful
Indian wedding guest makeup tutorial
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Best Makeup Tips

  1. Apply coconut oil as a primer before you apply make-up. Your make-up lasts for the entire day without requiring a touch up.
  2. Apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly as the first layer on your lips before applying lipstick. Your lips will look moisturized, and your lipstick will stay longer.
  3. If you have a pimple, then cover it with sandalwood paste first. Sandalwood paste is great for pimples. It provides a cool cover to make them go away. Then apply concealer over that.
  4. Apply foundation after you’re done with your eye-make up. That way you don’t risk your eye-shadow falling on your make-up face!
  5. Use a brush, dip it in highlighter and then blend the foundation on your face. That way your face will have a natural glow.
  6. Always trim your false lashes to 3/4th their size and apply them from with a 1cm gap from the start of your eye. They look more natural that way.
  7. Use some eye shadow to blend your kohl. That way your kohl looks more natural, and less stark. But make sure you use similar colours.
  8. Mixing lip colours sometimes gives you the most exotic, and prettiest colours you wished you got at the store. Start mixing a basic pink, and red for starters.
  9. If you want to rock a red lip with elaborate eye make-up then don’t go in for a smokey eye. However, you can go in for a winged eye with some (light or dark colour depending on your choice) kohl on your lower eye lid. It looks fabulous. Like this.
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What is your best makeup advice for a beginner? 

Here are some tips/advice that I've learnt so far which will help your makeup look flawless and long lasting:
It's very important to prep your skin before applying anything. So, always apply a good moisturizer.
The ones used by me most of the time is from Kaya (both the moisturizers) and Nykaa (apricot oil).
It doesn't matter how much makeup you want to apply, it's very important to first make your face very smooth before application of any product. So, always go for a silicon primer (as it gives the best finishing ever).
My most favourite primer is by colorbar.
I have seen that many people think that foundation is for making them fair, which is completely false. You should always purchase your foundation which exactly matches your skin tone (which is not always possible). So I would recommend you to purchase 2 foundations, one lighter than you and one darker. This will help you to make your perfect shade (even when you get tanned) by mixing them.
The 3 foundations which I have is by Maybelline and being woman.
No matter how full coverage your foundation is, you should always use some concealer (even colour correction if needed), near your under eyes and wherever there is pigmentation on your skin to make your skin look flawless.
Concealer usually comes in liquid and cream form. I have both of them from forever 52, but I'd recommend you to always purchase the liquid concealer and apply it using your fingers.
Loose powder~
Always apply a generous amount of loose powder for 30 seconds (specially on the regions where your face gets oily), and then dust off the excess. It will make your make up sweat proof.
The one that I'd recommend you is by coloressence.
Setting spray~
Always use a setting spray to set your make up. It will actually make your makeup last really long.
I have my setting spray from Pac cosmetics (I can't find it right now, hence not attaching it's picture).
You can apply eyeshadow (purchase the entire palatte or single pigments, according to your convenience), lipstick (prefer liquid lipstick for an event and bullet for everyday use), blush, bronzer and highlighter, according to your outfit.
Eye shadow palette: Forever 52, single pigments from Miss Claire, Wet n Wild and Being Woman. (Apply shimmery shades on your lid and darker shades on the corner, and a transition shade for blending all of them).
Lipsticks from various brands (always make sure to apply lip balm before applying any liquid lipstick having a dry formula).
Blush: Sugar cosmetics (go for a peachy shade if you are dusky and pinky shade if you are fair. It looks the best according to me).
Bronzer and highlighter palette: Forever 52.

My Christmas Look- Makeup Tutorial
Best HD Modern Reception Makeover || STEP-BY-STEP || Mayuri Sinha Sarkar
#GendaPhool #JacquelineFernandez #Badshah (गेंदा फूल) Jacqueline Fernandez Look (Hair & Makeup Tutorial)

What are the most useful makeup tips and tricks?

I. Use eyeshadow primer beneath your under-eye concealer. It will prevent creasing and will last longer throughout the day.
2. To prevent any kind of cakey-ness on the nose, blend UPWARD.
3. Wipe excess mascara off your brush before you apply it.
Take a tissue and wipe off any chunks of mascara on your brush. It will keep your lashes from looking clumpy. No, you won't sacrifice volume, as you'll be able to apply 10 coats of mascara, clump free!
4. Don't waste money on high end mascara.
Seriously, mascara goes bad quick. It's a haven for bacteria and you don't want to use the same tube for more than 3 months. The cheap stuff (covergirl, maybelline) is GREAT. It works just as well as high end stuff. Trust me. Don't blow your money.
5. Put a drop of lavender essential oil in your mascara.
In about a week, you'll have lashes for miles. You'll thank me later! (Make sure you aren't using a synthetic lavender though, it can ruin mascara)
6. This isn't as much of a makeup trick as it is for long term beauty.
WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY. I don't care if it's overcast outside or if it's effin' snowing. Wear SPF 30 everyday of your life from now on. "Awh, but I won't get tan!" I don't care. Let your friends get tan and experience wrinkles before they're 30. The sun ages you. Don't believe me? Look at a farmer who spends all day in the sun. The sun causes blackheads. They're called "solar comedones" and you don't want them.
But don't get higher than SPF 50. They aren't proven to work any better. SPF 30 is a good amount. Also, be picky about what you put on your face. Oxybenzone is a chemical found in a lot of sunscreen that can whack your hormone levels and even speed up cancer. Avoid that chemical!
7. Your foundation and face makeup isn't lasting all day? Boohoo, you're buying the wrong stuff.
You put on your primer, your foundation, and your concealer, and they aren't lasting more than 2 hours. Here's why. They need to have the same base ingredient. If you're primer is water based and your foundation is oil based, they won't work together. There are three major base ingredients in makeup: water (aqua), oil, and silicone. Don't use products that all have separate base ingredients. Make sure all your makeup is the same ingredient base.
8. Don't do this kind of eyebrow.
I can't tell you what to do. It's just makeup, after all. And it washes off. This is just my personal opinion. These eyebrows photograph super well, but in person, this is a LOT of makeup. If you're going to do your eyebrows like this, they will be the focal point of your look. Don't do thick, dark, bold brows with a smokey eye and contoured face and dark lip. You'll look, at best, a drag queen (since they did invent this makeup style), and at worst, scary. Just keep your brows natural, please. A little color to fill in some sparse spots and a little grooming goes a long way.
9. Invest in high quality foundation
Okay, if you have a drugstore foundation that works great for you, then good for you. You're lucky. Unfortunately, everyone's skin is different and the same product won't work for everyone. You should be picky about what you put on your face. Look at the ingredients of a product and research what they are. Look at reviews before buying. Your foundation is literally the base of your look. If your foundation is crap, there's no way to hide it. Go ahead and invest in a product that really works for you. Here are my recommendations, but remember, I am a fair skinned cool toned girl with slightly drier skin:
MAC Face and Body.
It's light coverage. It's blendable. And best of all, IT WILL NOT CAKE YOU OUT. Every other foundation makes the corners of my nose look crusty. This does not. Try this. It's $27 but it has last me over a year. Worth it.
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
This stuff has the best coverage at the best price. It's $5, and a little goes a long way. It comes in a pretty good color range and works great on oily skin. Although I encourage you to invest in foundation, this was the only drugstore foundation I liked.
10. Korean beauty products > Every other kind of beauty product
Our makeup seems to be made up of just claims. The Korean stuff is true to it's word, and always out performs. I delved into the world of Korean beauty recently, and just realized it's amazing quality. I bought a skin ampoule, out of a mix of curiosity and disgust when learning it's made from snail secretion. Weird, right? But after using it just for a few weeks, I have no pores. It's amazing. I haven't used any makeup products yet, but I've only heard good things.
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro at makeup, tips and hacks always come in handy.
1. Primers
The point of primers is that they help prepare the skin, refining the pores and smoothing the skin,providing a better surface for the foundation so that it can be applied easily and smoothly.
2. Good foundation
My favorite foundation is Estee Lauder and MAC. It smoothly even out the skin tone, hide blemishes and give my skin a certain luminous quality. Pick the right color ,if you pick the wrong ones it will spoils the whole look. If you tend to break out, always use an oil-free foundation and if you have drier skin that doesn't break out, try an oil-based formula.
Use your fingers to apply your foundation if you want sheer coverage and a brush for medium to full coverage.When applying foundation with a brush, hold the very end of it. You will have slightly less control but a much softer touch that'll give you a more natural finish. Use one pump of liquid foundation for sheer coverage and two pumps for medium.
3. Learn from your department store makeup artist
Visit any big store near you, pick any brands you like and planning to purchase, ask for a makeup demo for free (if available) and learn new tips and advice from the makeup artist. Kindly ask the makeup artist to give you the right color for your foundation, what kind of brush you need to apply for eye shadow etc. Every face is different and skin tones vary enormously, so you need to experiment with colours and texture to find out what really suits you.
4. Go easy on the concealer.
Use your finger in a tapping motion to build thin layers of concealer under your eyes, close to your nose, never put it on your eyelid as an eyeshadow base, it will cause your makeup to crease. Make sure to apply your foundation first, then your concealer. If you apply your foundation first before your concealer, you will see that you may not going to need too many concealer especially when you are using full coverage foundation.
5. Liquid Liners
An easy way to test out liquid liner is to first use a taupe eyeliner pencil to lightly trace a line just above your upper lashline, this trick lets you make sure the lines are even and accurate before applying the liquid liner directly on top of the pencil line.
6. Mascara
Be sure to use an eye lashes curler before applying mascara not after. Your lashes are fragile, so only curl them once, and make it count by holding the curler on them for a good 10 seconds. To extend the life of your mascara, add a few drops of saline solution to the tube and swirl the brush around.
Do not apply mascara in zig zag application, your eyelashes will be zig zag and clumping too. Apply inward and outward for natural and fuller looking eyelashes.
7. Moisturizer
It doesn't matter how expensive and good is your makeup, or how perfect your technique is if you did not prepare your face before makeup. A good moisturizer under your makeup is key. The best ones hydrate, smooth, mattify, or add a glow depending on the look you're going for and, most importantly, goes well with your makeup. I never ever start a makeup without a good moisturizer.
Ok, thanks for taking the time to read my tips. I'm a makeup artist too, but I'm still learning everyday to improve my techniques and skills.

#beginnermakeuptutorial #stepbystep Beginner Makeup Tutorial in bangla | Step By Step How To Do Makeup

I’m gonna put this in list format because there’s a lot and it’ll be easier. Some of these may seem like common sense but it’s things I’ve found out that I didn’t know when I started doing makeup, and also things that people sometimes don’t think about.
  1. Beauty blenders are your best friend. I originally thought brushes were better, but for blending liquids and creams and other similar things - use a beauty blender, your makeup will look SO MUCH BETTER.
  2. After you put your foundation on get a tissue (even toilet paper works, but it needs to be something like a tissue or toilet paper - a very thin and light piece of cloth like that) and wrap it around your beauty blender. Now pat your beauty blender all over your face as if you were blending your foundation - this will take off all of the excess foundation and make your foundation/concealer look absolutely flawless. I got this tip from Wayne Goss by watching this video:

  1. Use a primer, it helps with getting rid of your pores and will make your foundation look 10x better.
  2. Always use a primer before applying eyeshadow, if you don’t have a primer then use concealer, it works as well. Make sure you set the primer/concealer before you start putting eyeshadow on, this will make your eyeshadow blend so so so much more flawlessly.
  3. Learn the layout of your face and where things line up and go. Learning things like where the tail of your brow should end based off the angle from the edge of your nostril and the corner of your eye, or how eyebrows only come in as far as the outside of your nose, or finding the arch of your brow by lining a brush up off the edge of your nostril and directly through your pupil. Where to apply highlight, where to put contour (under your cheekbones/in the hollows of your cheeks) will honestly save your life. It’s the technical part to doing and applying your makeup that makes it look pulled together.
  4. Learn what eyebrow shape goes with your face shape; just because “on fleek” eyebrows look good on Kim Kardashian doesn’t mean that you have the face shape for them also.
  5. Know your undertone. This will make a difference in what foundation you buy. You don’t want to have a yellow undertone and be buying foundation for a pink undertone because it won’t match your skin as flawlessly and it’ll honestly just make you look artificial.
  6. Get more pigmented eyeshadow by dampening your brush, keep in mind that it won’t blend as well if the brush is wet so make sure you have another brush to blend with that’s dry.
  7. Learn how to contour your nose based on your nose shape, it’s not the same for all noses. Basically just learn the layout of your face, memorize that shit to the point that you’d be able to do your contouring without a mirror.
  8. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips by scrubbing all the dead skin off with either a lip scrub or just scrubbing it off, and then put on so much chapstick that your lips practically slide when they touch because of how much chapstick you have on. Do this before bed.
  9. Exfoliate often and make sure you have no dead skin on your face before doing your makeup.
  10. Blend beneath your jawline. Good grief, make sure you blend down past your jawline and into your hairline, but not onto your hair.
  11. Get rid of excess lipstick by putting a piece of paper or a tissue in between your lips and lightly closing your lips down on the paper. This will get rid of all the lipstick that’s in too far on your lips.
  12. Get any lipstick to be matte by putting a tissue over your lipstick and then applying a translucent mattifying powder with a brush on top of the tissue where your lips are. When you move the tissue the lipstick should be matte.
  13. Baking helps so much with setting your makeup. Baking your face will help prevent creasing on your under eyes where your concealer is and in other places that you crease as well. I highly suggest baking your face.
  14. Don’t put foundation in the areas underneath of your eyes where you put your concealer, you’re unnecessarily layering your makeup and making it thicker and cakier there than it would be otherwise. Try to avoid putting foundation under your eyes where your concealer is, but make sure you thoroughly blend your concealer into your foundation so you can’t tell that they were done separately, if that makes sense.

শ্যামলা ত্বকে গ্লোয়িং মেকআপ | Glowing Makeup For Medium Skin Tone
নিয়মিত চুলের যত্ন | Regular Hair Care

you are applying liquid lipstick it tends to fade away sooner if u eat or drink which will eventually give a faded and cakey lips. In order to prevent that apply a tube lipstick of the same shade before applying the liquid one. If the liquid one fades away It won't look cakey since you have another layer of same colour lipstick underneath
If you want a perfect V-shaped eyeshadow and you donot want to go with the tape technique. Here's a hack apply your eyeshadow the way to want to. Freely. Then take a handkerchief put some coconut oil in it use your index finger and remove the unwanted eyeshadow in your desired shape.
Girls!! No matter what! Always always always use setting powder or pressed powder to set your base. Else your makeup will be melting like snow especially in summers.
Girls! Let's admit it. Not everyone can afford eyeshadows of huda, Mac, Sephora, kylie and others. At least I can't! :/ Don't always go for brands, go for pigmentation. The below makeup look I created using a palette of rupess 100 . Would you believe that? It's hilary rhoda's palette. Only the golden shade is from Maybelline nude palette. Trust me it does no harm. (Applicable only for eyeshadows, don't go for cheap products in case of your skin and face)

I used to be a beginner at makeup, so here’s my advice to you.
  1. First and foremost, practice, practice, practice! Just like drawing in art or doing the math, you must practice making perfect. If you want to practice drawing a wing eyeliner, draw it on your eyes a few times until you perfect it, when you want to learn how to do eyeshadow, practice it on yourself to see if you like the look, etc.
  2. Start off with the drugstore makeup. For example, brands like Maybelline New York, Covergirl, L’Oréal, Rimmel London, Essence, NYX, Morphe, E.L.F, just to name a few. These are great beginner makeup brands and are good for cheap. Once you get good at makeup, then you can work your way through the expensive makeup brands like Tarte, Channel, Sephora, and etc.
  3. As for makeup materials, buy fewer mediocre quality materials that can be used for multiple things. Since this is your first time or beginner at makeup, buy some lower-end good makeup materials to start off with. Then, once you get good, you can buy the higher-end materials.
  4. Watch a bunch of Makeup tutorials videos. In order to know what to put on your face, the designs, or simply watch the mesmerizing makeup challenges, watch a bunch of makeup tutorials. My personal faves are Michelle Phandope2111 (aka Promise Phan), Tina Yong, and James CharlesSylvia GaniNikkieTutorials—just to name a few. There are millions of makeup videos to watch from famous MUA (makeup artists.)
  5. Wash your makeup brushes frequently. The reason is there are millions of bacteria on your makeup brushes. To avoid breakouts or acne problems, wash them regularly or every week as possible—to get rid of old makeup products and oils from your skin that are stuck on your brushes.
  6. Makeup has expiry dates. Just like sunscreen and food, makeup too has a certain amount of shelter life. For example, some eyeshadows last about 12–24-months shelter life. Concealers and Foundation last about 6 months, Lip gloss and lipstick about 6–12 months of shelter life, nail polish 24 months, etc. Once you’re makeup has used its shelter life, make sure to throw it out!
  7. Take care of your skin! Make sure to moisturize your face and drink lots of water. Water helps hydrate the skin since your body needs the majority of water consumption. Also, always have sunscreen, lip balm and use eye cream and a heavy moisturizer every night.
  8. Never sleep with makeup on. Makeup is full of chemical ingredients as well as lots of oils and bacteria. To avoid at all cost any random zits or breakouts popping by, wash your face with oil free makeup wipes, makeup removal and face wash to keep it fresh and vibrant. After wash, moisturizer since your face will be clean and dry after wash.
  9. Wear sunscreen. To avoid any early stages of wrinkles. Plus, it’s an Asian tip (a Korean friend taught me to wear sunscreen, plus genetics play a factor too!)
  10. Match your makeup based on your look and skin. I heard that for lighter skin colour, go dark or vibrant colours. For darker skin colour, go bright and glittery. For in-between skin, go red or vibrant colours. Make sure the colour you choose compliment your eyes and face.
  11. Do eye makeup before face makeup. That way you don't wipe away any excess foundation if you mess up your eyeshadow or eyeliner. Plus, it looks nicer and you don’t have to redo any makeup. You can also start with foundation and do eye shadow and primer after.
  12. For false lashes, start off with natural lashes—not dramatic ones. When I started off with makeup, I accidentally used dramatic false lashes and it didn’t look natural on my graduation picture. So if you want to start off with false lashes, start with natural ones and practice putting it on near the natural lashes.
  13. When dipping your brush onto an eyeshadow pallette, powder, highlighter or whatnot—make sure to tap the excess out. That way your face doesn’t look to cakey from the powders.

Best Lip Balm for Dark Lips in India

Choose best lip balm for dark lips in India

The Problem – Dark and chapped lips

It was early morning and you were busy getting ready for office. As usual, you took a selfie and zooming out the snap, notice that your lip getting darker. Earlier your lips were pinkish and glossy. Now you are worried about your lips, which is getting dark day by day.

You might be wondering what is the reason behind the dark lips?

Reasons your lips gets darker:

  • Let me explain to you, It is caused by excessive production of melanin in your skin due to sun exposure results in Hyperpigmentation.
  • Use of cheap quality lip balm products
  • Not removing lip lipsticks properly
  • Genetics and hereditary may be the cause in some people
  • The other reason may be habits like smoking and alcohol consumption which can leave a dark tint on your lips.
Did you know: Lack of drinking enough water and constant licking of the lips can cause dehydration, which makes your lips chapped?

The Solution – Find the best lip balm for your dark lips

Beautiful and pink lips definitely make a person look more attractive and stunning. Using a good lip balm can certainly help you in lightening the darkness on your lips.
Dark shade or tone on the lips might be temporary but you have to give more attention and care. Therefore you need an efficient lip care product.
Before choosing the right lip balm for your lips, you need to know what is lip balm? In the next 5 minutes, you’re about to discover how does lip balm help your lips?

Here is the ultimate list of top 5 best lip balm for your dark lips available in India:

  1. Maybelline Baby Lips (SPF 20) Lip Balm Pink Lolita
  2. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm
  3. Nivea Shine Caring Lip Balm Cherry
  4. Lipsense Lip Lightening Cream Lip Balm
  5. Sebamed Lip Defense With SPF 30


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