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YouTube Video #20. Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Blank Space is Taylor Swift’s second entry on this list. It comes from her fifth studio album, “1989” (as does Shake it Off).
The song was released in November 2014, and within three weeks it topped the US Billboard Hot 100, knocking Shake it Off from that position. Taylor Swift became the first woman in the chart’s history to succeed herself at the top.
Joseph Kahn was asked to direct the video. Taylor Swift liked the idea of portraying herself as a crazy villain in the video. It was partly inspired by “A Clockwork Orange” and constant tabloid gossip about Taylor Swift’s relationships.

Not to be outdone by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry also features two videos in this list of the 15 most viewed YouTube videos of all time.
Katy recorded Dark Horse with rapper Juicy J, releasing the song in September 2013.
It combines the genres of trap and hip-hop.
Pepsi used the song in a promotion. Fans could vote on Twitter whether they wanted this song or Walking on Air to be released as the first single from the album, “Prism.”
Dark Horse sold 13.2 million units and was the second-best selling song of 2014.
The video wasn't released until February 2014. It has an Egyptian setting, where Katy plays “Katy Patra” – her version of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.
Dark Horse was the first video from a female artist to receive 1 billion views on YouTube.

YouTube Video #15. Lean On – Major Lazer and DJ Snake ft. MØ

Lean On comes from Major Lazer’s third album. “Peace is the Mission.” It is a house ballad.
In became the most streamed song of all time on Spotify in November 2015, although Drake’s One Dance overtook it the following year.
The music video for Lean On was directed by Tim Erem and filmed in India. It shows a sequence of Major Lazer, MØ and DJ Snake performing dance sequences.

YouTube Video #14. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona

Bailando is another music video that highlights the international appeal of YouTube.
Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias, recorded Bailando for his tenth studio album, “Sex and Love” in 2014.
He recorded several versions of the song. The original Spanish version also included vocals by Cubans, Descemer Bueno, and Gente de Zona. A Spanglish version features vocals by Jamaican singer Sean Paul. Enrique Iglesias also recorded two versions in Portuguese (with different people doing the additional vocals) for different markets.
The original Spanish version acts as the theme song for the soap opera Reina de Corazones.
They recorded four music videos– one for each version of the song. They filmed the videos for the Spanish and Spanglish version of the song in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
The Spanish version has proven particularly popular, having been viewed more than 2.4 million times. People have also watched the Spanglish version 250 million times.

YouTube Video #13. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud was recorded by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for his second studio album, “×” (2014). The song spent 19 weeks within the Top 40 in the UK before peaking at number one in early November 2014 (Sheeran’s second number-one single there). The single also reached the top spot in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and South Africa.
In June 2015, Thinking Out Loud became the first single to spend a full year in the UK Top 40. In October 2015, it became the first to be streamed over 500 million times on Spotify.
Most of the music video was filmed in the Crystal Ballroom at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California, continuously using a 16 mm film camera. Sheeran executes a contemporary dance with Brittany Cherry, a contestant from the American dance competition, “So You Think You Can Dance."

YouTube Video #12. Counting Stars - OneRepublic

Counting Stars comes from  American pop rock band OneRepublic’s third studio album, “Native” (2013). The song reached number one in many countries including Canada and the United Kingdom, where it sold over one million copies.
The music video was filmed on May 10, 2013, in New Orleans, Louisiana. It features the band performing the song in a gloomy ground floor of a building surrounded by hanging light bulbs, interspersed with scenes of people in a religious revival service on the upper level, dancing along with the song. The video finishes with a person from the service falling through the floor, coming through the ceiling as the band performs
The video became the first music video by a group in history to reach 1 billion views.

YouTube Video #11. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift recorded Shake it Off as the lead single for her fifth album, “1989”. The song premiered on a Yahoo! Live stream on August 18, 2014. The studio released the video on YouTube and made the song available for digital download on the same day.
Shake it Off is Taylor Swift’s most successful Billboard Hot 100 song to date. It stayed in the chart for 50 consecutive weeks.
Mark Romanek directed the video, and it features dances choreographed by Tyce Diorio. It incorporates dancing in the styles of hip-hop, lyrical, ballet, jazz, and cheerleader – even “twerking.”
If you exclude the cartoon character of Masha, this video holds the record for the most views of a video by a female artist.

YouTube Video #10. Roar – Katy Perry

Who hasn’t seen the Katy Perry video for Roar, with Katy in her jungle, populated with wild animals?
She released Roar as the lead single for her 2013 album, “Prism” The lyrics focus on standing up for yourself and self-empowerment. The song was a huge success. It was certified as Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), making her the first artist to have three Diamond Awards.
The video tells a (fictional) story of Katy Perry adapting to life in the jungle after surviving a plane crash. She even tames a tiger. It was filmed at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.
When Roar reached 1 billion video views on YouTube, in July 2015, Katy Perry became the first artist to have two music videos exceed that milestone.

YouTube Video #9. Sugar – Maroon 5

Sugar was recorded by Maroon 5 for their fifth studio album, “V.” It was released as a single on January 13, 2015.
It peaked at Number 2 on the US Billboard 100.
The band worked with film director, David Dobkin on the music video. He had previously directed the movie “Wedding Crashers,” and used that as inspiration for this video.
In the video, Maroon 5 crashes weddings across Los Angeles. This is not staged. Maroon 5 has genuinely crashed the weddings shown in the video. In reality, each groom was given some notice and agreed to let an unnamed, but famous band play at their wedding, but nobody else connected with the marriages had advance notice. It must have been a shock to the brides to find Adam Levine serenading them at their weddings.
The production team worked with wedding planners in Los Angeles to find suitable weddings for the video.
The band found it a fantastic experience. They were nervous that they would take attention away from people’s big days. Some of the grooms got cold feet and had to be talked into allowing the activity take place.
Everybody loved the surprise, however. Adam Levine stated, "It was an out of body experience. I had no idea I would be affected by the overwhelming reactions we received from the couples and guests.”

YouTube Video #8. Sorry – Justin Bieber

It should surprise nobody that Justin Bieber has a video on YouTube’s Top 10. He is one of the most visible symbols of the YouTube generation. It is perhaps surprising that he cannot claim more of the videos in this top group, although he does have videos of his songs in positions 23 and 24.
Sorry comes from Justin Bieber’s fourth studio album, “Purpose.” It was released on October 23, 2015. The song topped the charts of 13 countries, including seven weeks in the top spot in Bieber's native Canada. Globally, people bought more than 10 million copies of the song in 2016.
Unusually, they made the dance video of the song in New Zealand, featuring New Zealand dancers – the ReQuest Dance Crew, and New Zealand choreographer, Parris Goebel. Although this was originally just intended to be a lyric video, it ended up as the main one. It became the fifth fastest YouTube video to reach 1 billion views, and the fourth fasted to reach 2 billion views.

YouTube Video #7. Baby Shark Dance - Pinkfong Kids' Songs & Stories

This is another very unusual entry in the list of Top YouTube channels. Baby Shark is a children's song about a family of sharks.
It is thought to have originated from a campfire song or chant. 
Different versions have been created, including some with music, often reminiscent of the movie, "Jaws."
This most popular Baby Shark video is labeled Baby Shark Dance. It has received over 3.3 billion views worldwide. The song broke into the Billboard Hot 100 at #32 during the week of January 7, 2019.
This version of the song has spurred an online dance craze, sometimes referred to as Baby Shark Challenge. 
In July 2019, officials in West Palm Beach, Florida, played a continuous loop of "Baby Shark" throughout the night outside the Waterfront Lake Pavilion to deter vagrants.

YouTube Video #6. Gangnam Style – Psy

It would be fair to say that Gangnam Style was an unexpected mega-hit, that set records on YouTube, that some people believed would never be bettered.
The video shows Psy poking fun at the style of Seoul’s Gangnam-gu. This is claimed to be, “a flashy district with high rents, high expectations and a focus on the high-status lifestyle."
Psy’s official YouTube account uploaded the video on July 15, 2012. On November 24th that year, Gangnam Style overtook Justin Bieber’s then-record of 803,700,000 views to take the coveted Number 1 spot on YouTube. It stayed in that position for an incredible 1,689 days.
Gangnam Style didn’t take long to take the accolade of being the first video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube, receiving that honor in December 2012. It reached 2 billion views in June 2014, and 3 billion in January 2018.
The video holds a few other YouTube records. It was the most rated video until February 2017, and most liked video until August 2016. Until Adele’s Hello passed it on January 18, 2016, it held the record for the fastest video to reach 1 billion views. It still holds the record for being the most discussed video.

YouTube Video #5. UpTown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

UpTown Funk was recorded by British record producer, Mark Ronson, along with American singer/songwriter, Bruno Mars. It was released as a single on 10 November 2014.
It spent 14 consecutive weeks at Number 1 on the US Billboard 100, and also reached Number 1 in the charts in several other countries.
UpTown Funk became the second best-selling single of 2015. It won two Grammy Awards, including the record of the Year.
The music video was released a week after the single – 17 November 2014. It shows Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, and the Hooligans walking around cities, kitted out in brightly colored suits and chains. It was filmed in a range of cities where Bruno Mars was touring.
The video was almost as popular as the song, gathering more than 2.8 billion views to date.

YouTube Video #4. Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster – Get Movies

This is by far the most unusual video on this list. It is not a music video. It is not an official video (although official copies of this episode do exist on YouTube). And it is in Russian.
This particular video is technically called Маша и Медведь (Masha and The Bear) - Маша плюс каша, as it is a Russian version.
Masha and the Bear is a Russian animated television series, loosely based on an oral children’s folk story. It is a Russian children’s television series, of four series (to date) consisting of 68 episodes. Some episodes of the English-language version are available on Netflix.
All of the episodes have been uploaded to YouTube over time, and three of them have exceeded 1 billion views. There is an official YouTube channel – MashaMedvedTV.
It is thought that one of the reasons for the show’s popularity is that Masha is dressed in a folk costume with a headscarf. Her legs are covered. This has makes the show acceptable to Muslim audiences, including in populous countries, such as Indonesia.
This particular episode, “Recipe for Disaster,” was originally episode number 17. It is episode 7.1 on Netflix (which has combines several of the short Masha and the Bear episodes together).

YouTube Video #3. See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

See You Again held YouTube’s Number One position from July 10 to August 4, 2017, and was the video that finally broke “Gangnam Style’s” hold on the top rank. It was, of course, only 25 days, until Despacito made its charge and overtook See You Again.
The main reason for See You Again’s success was that it was commissioned as the theme for the movie, “Furious 7”. It was written as a tribute to fan-favorite, the late actor Paul Walker.
It is both Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s most successful track to date. The song spent 12 weeks at the top of the US Billboard 100 and reached Number One in a number of other countries.
It also held the record for the most streamed track in a single day on Spotify in the US, as well as records for most streams in a  week worldwide and in the UK.
Overall, See You Again was the best selling song in the world in 2015.

YouTube Video #2. Shape of You – Ed  Sheeran

Ed Sheeran had a hugely successful 2017. No matter where you went, there always seemed to be an Ed Sheeran song playing. He even performed a cameo role in an episode of “Game of Thrones.”
He released Shape of You as a digital download on 6 January 2017. He also included it as part of his third studio album.
The song made it to Number 1 on the singles charts of 44 countries. It topped the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 Singles of 2017. It was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.
Ed Sheeran released a lyric video for the song on his channel. People have viewed that version over 750 million times to date. On 30 January 2017, the official video was uploaded to YouTube. The video became one of the fastest videos to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. It achieved this milestone on 8 May 2017, just 97 days after its release.

YouTube Video #1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Despacito’s rise to the top of this list in 2017, demonstrates two essential points about YouTube. Firstly, it shows that YouTube’s popularity is forever increasing. There was a time when nobody thought that anybody would overtake Gangnam Style.
It also demonstrates how YouTube is now a global phenomenon. Despacito, which is Spanish for “Slowly,” is sung in Spanish by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and also features Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee. The music video shows both artists performing the song in La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and the local bar La Factoría.
The song topped the charts of 47 countries and entered the Top 10 in ten others. It was the first song to top the Billboard 100 in Spanish in 20 years.
Interestingly, Justin Bieber released a remix version a few months later, where he sang some lines in English. While this probably helped the original’s YouTube performance, it didn’t overtake it or enter the YouTube Most Viewed charts.
Despacito became the first video on YouTube to achieve the milestones of both three and four billion views. It overtook See You Again to take YouTube’s All-time Number 1 spot in August 2017.
2020 New Tiktok Viral Song Dj Remix, Nonstop Hindi Tiktok Dj Song, Tiktok Hindi Dj Remix Song Dance

Selena Gomez - Dance Again (Performance Video) 2020 Vevo Top Video song
Selena Gomez - Boyfriend (Official Video)
#carmusic2020 #carmix2020 #trapmix2020 Birkan Demircan - I Guess You're Back ( Car Music 2020 )
8D Bass Boosted 🎧 Best Remixes Of Popular Songs 2019 🎧 Best Mix Ever 🎧

Best Shuffle Dance Music 2020 ♫ 24/7 Live Stream Video Music ♫ Best Electro House & Bass

Boosted Mix  

Ace Ventura & Captain Hook - The Jolly Roger
bbno$, Y2K ‒ lalala (TikTok Remix) 🔊 [Bass Boosted] (Ilkan Gunuc Remix)
SAINt JHN - Roses (Imanbek Remix) (Bass Boosted)
Evir - Fire In The Hole (8D Bass Boosted)
Y2K & Bbno$ - Lalala (ilkan Gunuc Remix) (Bass Boosted) 2020

What are some good songs that boost self-confidence?

  1. Journey - Don’t Stop Believing
  2. Keala Settle - This Is Me
  3. Sia - The Greatest
  4. Justin Timberlake - Can’t Stop This Feeling
  5. The Killers - All These Things That I Have Done
  6. The Killers - Mr. Brightside
  7. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
  8. Rudimental - These Days
  9. NONONO - Pumping Blood
And my personal favorite - 10. Queen - I Want To Break Free

Music is very uplifting when it is the right songs. It is also messaging that our ego doesn’t attach itself to. Here are 10 songs I recommend listening to when you’re feeling down and need to build yourself up. I have the YouTube videos embedded on this page so you can listen[1].
A recent one not on this list is Mary J. Blidge - Happy and My Life are two songs that are very motivational and raises my frequency.
Because of this question, I will do another blog post calls Self-love playlists or something. :) Thanks for the spark of inspiration.
  1. Demi Lovato- Confident
  2. Katie Perry - Roar
  3. Empire feat Estelle - Conqueror
  4. Selena Gomez feat The Scene - Who says
  5. Sara Bareilles - Brave
  6. Beyonce- Girls run the world
  7. Rachel Platten - Fight
  8. Hailee Steinfield - Love Yourself
  9. Nicki Minaj - Feeling myself
  10. One Republic - Good Life

What are some rap songs with heavy bass?

gorillia Zoe - lost
wiz Khalifa - on my level
kodak black - tunnel vision
Waka flocka flame - brick squad
e40 - my shit bang
lil Wayne - blunt blowin (starts slow but absolutely rattles after)
Lil John - throw it up
triboss - aqua drop (not rap, but an absolute banger none the less
yelawolf - trunk muzik
tyga - taste
montana of 300 - ice cream truck
yg - idgaf
waka flocka - no hands
riff raff - leanin (personal favorite)
Juicy j - smoke a nigga
gucci mane - swing my door
Rae sremmurd - black Beatles
yg - I’m a real one
young jeezy - I put on
Ultra Deep Bass Test !!
Trap Music 2020 ✖ Bass Boosted Best Trap Mix ✖ #13
Martin Garrix - Animals (Bass Boosted) 2020
TriBoss - Aqua Drop (Deep Bass Test)
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What's the best song which has high bass beats?

  1. Minion Banana bass song
  2. Alan Walker - The spectre
Minion Banana song [BASSBOOSTED]
Alan Walker - The Spectre

What are some rap songs with heavy bass?

Thank me later, straight from my playlist. I’d call them all 5 star songs.
(make sure to play bass boosted, hope your speakers can handle it. Mine do)
gorillia Zoe - lost
wiz Khalifa - on my level
kodak black - tunnel vision
Waka flocka flame - brick squad
e40 - my shit bang
lil Wayne - blunt blowin (starts slow but absolutely rattles after)
Lil John - throw it up
triboss - aqua drop (not rap, but an absolute banger none the less
yelawolf - trunk muzik
tyga - taste
montana of 300 - ice cream truck
yg - idgaf
waka flocka - no hands
riff raff - leanin (personal favorite)
Juicy j - smoke a nigga
gucci mane - swing my door
Rae sremmurd - black Beatles
yg - I’m a real one
young jeezy - I put on
if you want loud , this is what you’re looking for.
Gorilla Zoe - Lost Feat. Lil Wayne
Wiz Khalifa - On My Level Ft. Too Short [Official Music Video]
Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision [Official Video]

This isn't a complete list,but these are some of the songs that are popular and really bump.
Fire Squad by J Cole
Commando by Migos
Live Television by Night Lovell
Ultimate by Denzel Curry
Hammsterdam by Maxo Kream
*Serving by Gucci Mane
*Headshots by Gucci mane
Anything from the Juicy J Blue Dream&Lean mixtape
*Shabba by A$AP Ferg
*Dope Peddler by 2Chainz
Crack by 2Chainz
One Time by Migos
Flex by Rich Homie Quan
F'em by OG Macco
*Errbody by Yo Gotti
No Type by Rae Sremmurd
Good morning by Kanye West
Like a boss by Slim Thug
Fell in the sun by BigBoi& phantagram(Big Grams)
Anything from Waka Flocka(Salute Me or Shoot Me mixtapes volumes 1-5)
Anything from Gucci Mane (Trap god mixtapes 1&2)
Anything from Montana of 300(Cursed with a blessing mixtape)
All I know by SD of GBE
Welcome to block by SD
*All this money by SD
*Rollin by Gunplay
*Freebase by 2Chainz
That Mo by Zro
Ro&Bun by Zro
*I'sa playa by UGK
*Street fighter by Dorrough
*Hammster Dam by Maxo Kream
All Day by Kanye West
*Refrain from being lame by Big Krit
*L.A. by Murs
*Cold Blooded by Kid cudi
*Hoe Cakes by MF DOOM
*G.O.M.D. by J Cole
Rolling by Calvin Harris and Future
Gasoline Dreams by Outkast
Lac Lac by Big Krit
Coupe by Future
Set the record straight by Yo Gotti
Girlfriend by kap G
(*) these songs are filled with plenty of bass and sound incredible when the volume is turned up to the max.
Joker BGM Song (Bass Boosted)

What are some badass bass songs?

Not an inclusive list, but these are some that come to mind. I don’t know if they’re badass, but they’re challenging, melodic and fun to (try to) play:
“The Real Me” and “Dreaming from the Waist” by the Who. There are a lot of great John Entwistle bass tracks, but these are two of my favorites. John pretty much taught me, by example, how to play bass. I figured if I could play what he was playing, I could handle most anything Rock and Roll threw at me.
“Heart of the Sunrise” by Yes. Chris Squire was always transcendent but he blows me away on this one. Very difficult song to play and he inhabits it.
“Karn Evil 9: First Impression” by ELP. Greg Lake was underrated and overshadowed by his more flashy bandmates, but he keeps up with their frantic pace and his work here is, I think, the highlight of one of their better songs.
“The Lemon Song” by Led Zeppelin. John Paul Jones is another underrated player who often stayed back behind Jimmy Page’s guitar and John Bonham’s drums, but he could tear things up when he wanted to. (Listen to his two solo lines on “Good Times Bad Times” or his thundering work on “Celebration Day.”) “The Lemon Song” is a one long bluesy bass rave-up and JPJ just kills it.

The Real Me
Heart of the Sunrise by Yes in 1080p HD
Amazon "Smile" Program - What is it? - ThioJoeTech
Desi Deep House 4.0 Podcast - DJ Buddha Dubai & Others
#Workoutsongs #GymSongs #motivationalsongs Top English Workout Songs| Top motivational songs| Best workout songs of Dj Snake

Pop Hits 2020 💙 Top 40 Popular Songs Playlist 2020 💙 Best English Music Collection 2020
Eminem - Beautiful (Edited) (Explicit)
Eagles - Hotel California (Lyrics)
#U2 #Pride #Vevo U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love)
U2-Until the End of the World lyrics
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (Official Music Video)
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video Remastered)

Green Day - 21 Guns [Official Music Video] Kukushka - Polina Gagarina - OST Battle for Sevastopol

Relaxing Jazz Piano Radio - Slow Jazz Music - 24/7 Live Stream - Music For Work & Study
Top 3 best 8D songs (PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES 🎧)

K'naan - Wavin' Flag (Official anthem world cup south africa)

Cartoon - On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]
Top 20 Most Popular Songs by NCS | Best of NCS | Most Viewed Songs

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