Top 10 Gaming Headphone

Top 10 Gaming Headphone

January 22, 2018
Verified Purchase
I wanted to add a review of this product because the reviews seemed so mixed. I purchased these on 1/15/18 and 
am reviewing on 1/22/18. As soon as I received these cans I hooked them to my Mac and updated the firmware and
 allowed them to fully charge (green light). I then hooked them to my Xbox One X as I would an Xbox controller. 
Since that time I have not had one single issue with them. No disconnects, no low sound, no dead time, no cutting 
out, no popping....just a great experience. Are they $150 bucks?? No. I have never owned a set of headphones 
that pricy so I can’t compare. Compared to my Polk Audio Striker Contract Editions they sound as good or better 
and no wires! The mic monitoring is great, and works better then the above mentioned pair. The fact these don’t 
have noise cancellation is evident, especially when the wife fires up the mixer in the background while gaming....

but they were $80 bucks. And Turtle Beach said the 600’s don’t have this feature so I was not expecting it.

The complaints about distance and disconnects...never seen it. Multiple rooms, literally all over my house never
 had a disconnect. Regularly sit 15 feet from the Xbox.

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