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Pet Food & Supplies, How To Be A Professional Dog Groomer | Dog Grooming near me | Pet Groomer near me | Dog & Pet Training, Food, Pet Groomers & What to feed to your Dog and pet feed 2020
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What kind of dog food do you use most?

You have been given some great food recommendations here and some not so great —- my points are these —-

1) do not take Dog Food Reviews/ Advisor as a good source of information —- the person that runs the site is not a veterinarian and companies that advertise on the site get higher ratings than those that don’t ——

2) do not worry about grain free or the fact that a food contains corn — corn is not the enemy — dogs do not have gluten allergies and less than 4% of dogs are allergic to corn — companies that advertise these things are playing on human emotions / concerns about human gluten disease 

3 ) anyone that says you should feed what your grandpa fed or what dogs ate when they were wild is also totally wrong — first dogs of today are not in any way similar to dogs of 50 years ago and available foods for dogs back then were fewer — and dogs of my grandparents time didn’t live any where as long as dogs do today —- do you want to eat the same diet that people in the civil war era ate — is it healthier —- 

4) keep in mind there is no 1 food that is best for all dogs —- there are quite a few great foods out there —- many more mediocre and poor foods — it depends on the age / breed and health needs of your dog as well as your location — these are factors to think about when choosing a food ——- as your veterinarian what food they recommend —- then ask them WHY they recommend it —- if they can’t give you good clear reasons then I wouldn’t take that recommendation — and I might find a different veterinarian.

What is the best dog food brand to feed your dog?

Say Hi to Mamacita! She’ll be two years old coming up soon on Valentines Day. Our two favorites are Merrick, a brand made in Texas, and Solid Gold, which is made in the US now but i believe was originally a German company formulation. i started using Merrick when living in Austin, and the pet store I got it at was near UT, and they warned customers to stock up on the Merrick canned food prior to the fraternities’ ‘Hell Week’ because some frats only allowed their pledges to eat dog food during that week. The Merrick canNed food was the closest thing to people food so they always sold out that week….
But now my little St Bernard puppy is approaching 120 pounds, so we can't afford the $30 in canned food alone that would cost me each day, so I usually mix three kinds of dry food (fish, beef/bison, chicken/fowl) in a large container about once a month, and I fill the dog bowl each day from that. That way if she has a vet or boarding stay overnight she doesn't react so much to a change to another dry food. She always also has a full bowl of fresh water sitting out for her.
In addition to the dry food, each day she gets about two pounds of ‘wet’ food — either two pounds cut off a six pound ‘log’ of Freshpet refrigerated dog food, either chicken, turkey, or beef; or I cook boneless chicken breasts and thighs for her. It's much cheaper that buying canned food (the ultra-premium kind), so I'll pick up about 15–20 pounds of boneless chicken breasts and thighs on sale, cut into bite-size pieces with a package of shredded broccoli & carrots, and I boil that with a large carton of vegetable or chicken broth. I also mix in unflavored gelatin so the liquid will ‘set’ when it cools, mostly for reduced mess serving. I can do this for under $2 a pound which is about a third the per pound cost of ultra premium canned food.

First, this site has contributors from across the globe, so brands would differ depending on where you live. Here’s an idea that may help you and it’s what I do.
Don’t SOLELY trust ANY of the brands (unless you own the company and supervise production haha) because laws or regulations are slack for dog food most everywhere compared to how we WISH they’d be which would mean ONLY nutritious food to help our pets stay healthy for far longer than they (generally) do now. SO!!
The idea is if you switch brands from time to time, you’re more likely to get a more well-rounded healthy diet if you ALSO of course, always check ingredients and avoid grains which are just fillers usually unless it’s minimal amounts. Also avoid by-products as much as you can. Thoroughly read the bag of food before purchasing and RESEARCH (far wider than this site) about what ingredients to look for and which ones to look OUT for and avoid. Write it down so you can carry it with you to buy the food.
ALWAYS give a new food to your dog **gradually** to avoid tummy upset, by mixing the new food about 20% the first couple days to 80% of the bag that’s almost gone. Work up to a 50/50 mix and so on, for a week or thereabouts. Take note if your dog LIKES the new food.
At this time, for my 75 lb Labrador, I have a very expensive nutritious 30 lb bag of food my dog loves, mixed with a less expensive 50 lb bag of also healthy food but probably not quite as healthy and she enjoys it too, but not quite as much. BUT!!
I also make a homemade gruel to add a few tablespoons to the kibble daily. I freeze it in small zip-locked baggies, enough for about 3 days in each. The gruel consists of a boiled or baked mixture of some of the following, depending on what’s on hand and what’s on sale at the grocery store: boneless chicken, boneless beef, (no pork it’s too fatty and heavy,) and rarely, fish, lots of spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, small amount of green beans or apples, (no corn it’s too hard to digest) and more I’m not remembering off the top of my head. My dog loves it and I research all foods before using them in her gruel.
Since she’s a big dog I try to cut costs by freezing things before they go bad when I can see they probably won’t be eaten. I was a caterer and I know food is safe to refreeze and eat, but it may lose some of the taste. Tonight I put the older spinach leaves in the freezer for the next batch of gruel, still good enough for human consumption but I happened to have bought fresher spinach. I keep it all together in the freezer so it’s not lost among the foods.
I like to hope it’s making her a little bit healthier and I KNOW it makes her happier because Labs are food-obsessed types.
Hope any of these ideas help!!

Best food companies are Hills, Purina (their best food is the Pro Plan line), Iams and Royal Canin. They are the only companies that employ full-time Veterinary Nutritionists, who formulate balanced diets based on facts obtain by research, own and operate their own plants where they conduct vigorous quality control, take 100% responsibility for everything that comes out of their plants and offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their products. The have the AAFCO conduct feeding trials to ensure their food meets the guidelines set for animal nutrition. No other company that I know of does all that and that's why I trust them the most.
Most companies don’t have full-time vets, and outsource the production of their product and base their food ingredients on internet hype put out by people without veterinary nutrition specialties with no scientific research to back it up.
The worst of these are: Blue Buffalo, Ole Roy, and Evangers which should be avoided at all costs.

What is the commonly made mistake when taking care of a cat?

I can think of two areas of care that are pretty basic:
Only feeding dry food — cats need wet (canned or fresh) food to ensure sufficient water intake because cats usually do not drink enough water from a bowl. Speaking of water, cats are finicky and need clean bowls of water (ceramic bowls are best) that are placed away from where they eat their meals. Water fountains are even better, but they need to be maintained for cleanliness.
Not providing enough litter boxes and neglecting to scoop the litter boxes daily. The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat (plus one extra if room allows). If the non-clumping litter is used, the solids should be scooped daily and the litter changed weekly.
My son took care of his former college roommate’s 2 cats over Christmas this year. He and his new wife were away for a week and asked my son to visit every other day. My son found it interesting how differently this couple cared for their cats compared to how my cats are treated.
According to my son, his friend only feeds his cats dry kibble (bowl is kept full at all times). The 2 cats share one litter box which is only scooped out every other day. The water is provided with a plastic gravity filling station (upturned water jug with bowl).
Whenever my son comes home to visit, he tells Pepper and Pippi that they are spoiled rotten. : ) That is okay, I love spoiling my babies.

In what ways do you groom your cat?

Edith was 3 months old when I first brought her home. I thought she was too young to be showered so I wiped her with baby wipes daily and only started showering her when she turned 5/6 months old.
She’s almost 2 years old and the grooming routine goes like this...
I clean the boogies on her eyes, and wipe her body and paws using baby wipes after I mop the floor when I get home. I’d wipe her butt right after she poops. She HATES that but I do it anyways because she sits on my pillow, bed and ME.
I brush her to get rid of the loose fur weekly. Geez, she sheds a lot. I have been giving her salmon oil to reduce shedding but she doesn’t like it...
Every fortnight:
I clip her nails and shower her every fortnight. Yes, clipping right before I shower her. I’ve made the mistake of not clipping her nails prior to the shower and ended up getting bloody scratches. Yes, she is a domestic cat but I shower her anyways and I still use kitten shampoo on her.
And of course, she’d groom herself right after the shower as if I’ve thrown her into the mud.
Also, I do trim the fur around her anus. Occasionally trim the fur on her paws too.

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Why are poodles groomed the way they are?

For the most part, Poodles were dogs that you would take on the hunt, and in duck hunting for example, the dogs would gladly go into the water to fetch them, and bring them to you. Much like the American Retrievers, and other hunting/retriever breeds, the Poodle was prized for going after things in the hunt.
The particular grooming of the coat was to allow the dog to swim easily, but keep the joints warm in the cold water and the cold weather. This is the most simple and historic reason.
Like most things, time and trends alter the “authentic” way, and the more stylized way the dogs are groomed, are to really show off the dog’s identity, the confirmation of the dog’s structure and indeed a fun and fancy way to enjoy the breed.
Research standard sized Poodles and you will see several popular coats and trim for the breed, all of which are fun and good depending on your sensitivities and proclivity for things beautiful. The dogs only care if YOU think they are pretty, so do the haircut that works best for you.


When is the best time of day to groom my cat?

I don’t think any specific hour matters. You need to do it when you are available, perhaps another person (my wife and I work as a team. I hold the kitty, my wife clips the claws or uses the furminator to take out tats, or do other things). We find it easiest to groom a cat when we find it sleeping on a bed or in another easy to catch location. We give treats after grooming sessions and neither of our cats seems to get upset at all.
If you ever have trouble nail clipping, wrap your cat in a towel and let only one paw out at a time. Your cat then will not scratch you nor use its other legs to oppose you. A professional groomer told us that, but Velvet and Peach are very co-operative so I only mention it as a possibility of your cat shows a dislike to the procedure.

I write many Quora articles about cats. Feel free to click on my profile to see them and hopefully read some. If there are any you like, please upvote them and/or share them. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I try to answer questions I think I can effectively answer but may pass if I can’t or if I have previously answered a very similar answer.

What are the major downsides of having a Golden Retriever?

The Golden Retriever is a simply wonderful breed. For us, they are practically perfect. But even with all its charm and affection, it is important to take into consideration a few points before making your final choice for a Golden.
The Golden Brand Kennel aims to propagate the Golden Retriever in a responsible manner, trying to achieve the maximum perfection in the breeding of these dogs, which means always seek to improve the breed and produce dogs that are closer to the standard. a representation of what is to be achieved and in fact never is, so breeders study and continue to work to get closer to this "ideal dog" illustrated in the official pattern of each breed).
  1. Goldens loose fur
    If you love this 100% clean house, free from any dust or dirt, this may not be the perfect breed for you. They release fur consistently, but mainly twice a year when larger seedlings occur (usually in summer and winter).
    You can improve this problem by frequent brushing and using a vacuum cleaner at home, which will become your great ally. Good nutrition and hygiene routine (brushing and bathing) often softens the problem.
  2. Golden Retriever Needs Workout: It's a Sports Race
    It's no use finding that he can be stuck at home watching TV or without any human interaction. In fact, most Goldens do it willingly, but it is not ideal. If you do not like going out in the cold or rain, remember that your Golden depends on you fully and you will need good walks EVERY day to be a happy and healthy dog. The race has a sports origin and asks for this level of physical exercise.
  3. Goldens look for objects
    The name of the race already says: retriever, and consequently your Golden will try to bring you almost everything you see ahead. They will pick up things and bring them to you when you least expect them, so keep an eye out and take care of valuables (even because this can be dangerous for your dog).
  4. They like water
    It looks harmless and even cute, does not it? But get ready for jokes with water bowls, puddles, and so on. Be prepared to clean, and much, the floor. We remind you that it is part of the race's function to pursue hunting within the water and they naturally seek for water. We recommend buying canisters with high support, which make the mess with water more difficult.
    If your home has a pool, you need to be careful that your dog does not drown.
  5. Goldens Need Attention
    Many breeds of dogs are sociable, but the Golden Retriever is more than that. He is really a good friend, a faithful and good companion ... he expects this in return. If you stay a long time away from home and your dog will be alone, it is best to reconsider. If you do not like a dog behind you all the time, think too. Goldens have a tendency to want to accompany their owners in all activities, between their naps and jokes, of course.
  6. It's a large dog.
    Expect good food. We recommend that the Goldens be raised with super premium feed and this does not come cheap. An adult Golden Retriever eats around 500g per day (15 kg / month), which is a considerable expense in good quality ration.
  7. Health
    Like all breeds, the Goldens have their most common health problems. Look for lame-femoral and elbow dysplasia , common in fast-growing breeds and that comes in the genetics of every Golden Retriever (choose breeders who control dysplasia and have not only the reports of the parents but also the grandparents of the animal which will acquire).
Despite this list, which is not so long, the Goldens are a delight to live with! It is important to only evaluate the responsibility of getting a puppy in your new home, it is a life that will last for many, many years and you need to be prepared to live with its advantages and disadvantages in a conscious and responsible way.

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